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How long does it take to wean your lips from using chapstick?

I recently discovered that my lips are addicted to chapstick and will no longer produce their own moisture. So I decided to quit using chapstick cold turkey so that my lips will start producing their own moisture again. It's been 2 weeks now and my lips are still cracking and peeling and in a little bit of discomfort. Has anyone gone through this as well? Should I keep this up, or should I cave in and put some chapstick on? Oh, and also, I've been putting a little bit of Vaseline on before I go to bed at night. Thanks!How long does it take to wean your lips from using chapstick?
Try using burts bees wax lip stuff or blistex spa effects they have a different natural feel that isn't as pore cloging as chapstick. so you might not be as dependant on them and then you can ween off of it fasterHow long does it take to wean your lips from using chapstick?
Use some olive oil
I've gone through it! Your welcome.
Im just like that. I must have chapstick with me at all times and i use it at least 4 times a day. i dont really know what to do. I suppose using it like 3 times a day for a week. and then 2 times a day for a week. and then 1 time a day for a week and then once every other day for a week. and slowly start using it less and less. Thats my best advice. I really dont know because i plan to continue using chapstick forever and ever ... lol
Quit and get vitamin e cream.
I totally feel your pain. I've been there, and I used to apply them every 4 hours. But now I am only still using chapstick before bed. Try not to lick your lips with your saliva or have spicy food. Try to cut it down slowly, not all at once.
your cheating. so i guess if your trying to quit smoking, you get up and have a ';midnight smoke'; that makes it ok. nope didn't think so. ij agms sjoi dgrjuqnpk
I have never heard of this!!! I use Chapstick or a variant there of ALL the time!!! My guess would be to wean yourself off of it instead of going cold turkey- rarely is cold turkey the best way to break yourself of any habit.
If you really want to get ';off'; chapstick you should just grease it with a little moisture cream. But only when it begins to crack again. To avoid getting addicted to moisture cream. This undertaking shouldn't take too long. The body adapts pretty quickly. I wish you the best of luck.
My dad stopped in 3 days, but we live in Colorado, so it's really dry all the time. Good Luck with your endeavor.
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  • How can I stop NEEDING chapstick, lip balm, etc.?

    Does anyone else have this problem? What did you do to fix it?

    Whether I use a lip balm or not, my lips get horribly chapped. Sometimes it seems like the lip balm is working, other times it seems like it's actually causing my lips to be chapped. It's gotten so bad that I keep a jar of vaseline on my computer desk, and periodically through the week I have to scrub the dead skin off my lips to get any relief. I have days were my lips feel great, but most days they feel awful. People that my husband works with on base have even commented on how dry my lips seem. It's driving my crazy. I've used some sort of chapstick since about 6th grade, and I'm now 24 and I have no idea how to stop needing it. I've tried to drink more water, but I'm not sure if I've seen results from that. Has anyone tried vitamin e capsules? Do they work, or do they just start another addiction? Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?

    Sorry for rambling on, but I'm at such a loss for what to do....How can I stop NEEDING chapstick, lip balm, etc.?
    use shea butter or palm oil. look up ';alaffia';. they have good products. that will actually moisturize your lips. most oils can only sit on top of the skin. palm oil and shea butter will penetrate and moisturize the skin. you can get that product at whole foods. do not use anything with peppermint oil or methyl- since this dries out your lips. and avoid weird sounding ingredients in general, in addition to petrolatum/ lanolin/ mineral oil.How can I stop NEEDING chapstick, lip balm, etc.?
    drnk plenty of water and have you tried vaseline. it is really good for chapped lips and dry skin. the iventor used to burn and cut his self and he would use vasaline to treat it and he would be left scar free. if it can do that i am sure it can un-chap your lips.
    lots and lots of water. people say using Kiehl's #1 lip balm helps lots too. don't think you can get addicted o vitamins. it is good to add that to your diet though
    Take a daily vitamin.

    Drink lots of water.

    what about vaseline or lipgloss

    Whats the diff. Lip balm & chapstick?

    Whats the difference?Whats the diff. Lip balm %26amp; chapstick?
    chapstick is a brand name, like bandaid.Whats the diff. Lip balm %26amp; chapstick?
    chapstick is usually encased in a cylindrical container while lib balm is most commonly stored in a ';little pot'; -like container
    These may be brand names, but lip care products fall into two basic categories. There are moisturizers which soak into your skin like a hand lotion and there are protectants which create a waxy protective layer that keeps wind and sun from drying away the moisture you already have.
    Chapstick is a brand name for a lip balm they make. Lip balms %26amp; Chapstick do the same job. Just read the labels before you buy. Some are plain, others medicated, some with a hint of color, %26amp; different flavors.
    chapstick is just a brand name,derrrr
    its all the same thing baby
    chapstick had medication in it which heals dry lips, protects from the sun. etc. lip balm tastes good and makes ur lips soft. chapstick is medicated lip balm
    they r the same, jst different names
    vhapstick is just a brand name otherwise its a lip balm i thimk lip balms sorta british and chapstick is more american (in the ways of saying it)

    i always thought lip balm gave your lips some color and lip balm has i think flavor that makes you wanna lick your lips which is bad. if your deciding between which you should get, it's chapstick...
    Chapstick is a name brand. Lip balm is any product you put on your lips to do the same thing as Chapstick.
    Chapstick is a brand of lip balm. Lip balm is the product itself, sold by many popular brands- Carmex, Chapstick and Palmer's are just some.
    chapstick it helps your lips and lip balm just makes your lips pretty
    don't know but Burt's Bees is the best!

    oh yeah - chapstick is a brand name, kinda like ';kleenex'; is brandname for tissue.
    Well lip balm will dry out faster and is meant for color and shine. Chap stick is for when you want to get rid of chapped lips. If you want long lasting shine and chapped lips help grab some lip-use bees wax. The one with a picture of a man with a bee-catching hat is the best one.
    chap stick is more for chapped lips, lip gloss makes your lips shiny and they smell better =]
    Chap stick has been around longer
    both are bad for your lips.

    Lip Balm/Chapstick?

    Whats the best lip balm/chapstick to buy? My lips are really chapped and I want something that will clear it up fast!! Thanks!Lip Balm/Chapstick?
    Aquaphor is made specifically for severely chapped lips. You can buy it almost everywhere (Walmart, Target, CVS). If you don't like that type of lip ointment, Burts Bees is great for lips as well. It feels cool and minty on your lips!Lip Balm/Chapstick?
    ermmmm...palmers cocoa butter balm is good, nivea is good, if you're in england i think theres 1 called smackers or something+ i think there is one urban decay one that cools ur lips or somethin + it helps chapped lips
    Try puritycosmetics,co,uk. It is really good!
    Those little tins of Vaseline for the lips, simple but it always works.
    I get smackers Dr. Pepper because of the little red tint that it gives my lips.
    for me when my lips are chaped i use Buckleys Whit Rub it kinda hurts a bit but it gets rid of it really well and ur good

    it allways works :)

    Is it true that using chapstick/lip balm makes your lips stop producing it's own oils?

    I have been a ';chapstick addict'; since I began using chapstick back in my teens. I am now 36 and don't go ANYWHERE without lip balm. If I do, my lips get very dry and flakey. I cannot wear lipstick anymore because of this! I have heard that using these lip balms is the root of the evil..could it be true? If so, how do I stop now!? I drink LOTS of water, so I don't believe in the ('you need to drink more water') reply. I currently use Mela's Vanilla lip balm and while I love it, the moment I don't use it, my lips are all dry again. It does have a petroleum base, like chapstick brand. Could that be the problem? Or is it just the use of lip balms altogether? Advice anyone?Is it true that using chapstick/lip balm makes your lips stop producing it's own oils?
    These products do something bad as everyone who uses them constantly has the same problem. They either over moisturize or do something else and once you stop yes your lips do dry out badly. It'll take at least a week to get them repaired if not longer after non use of the balm.

    I have only used these things once and even that experience was not the best. It helped with the dryness when needed but afterwards I noticed they were too dry. So I don't use these and I have no problems with natural moisture of lips.Is it true that using chapstick/lip balm makes your lips stop producing it's own oils?
    I highly doubt chapstick will make your lips stop producing oil since they have no pores to secrete it from. Your lips are supposed to be natually protected by saliva. You really just need chapstick when youre in the sun (and your lips dry out constantly) or when youre sleeping (when saliva production slows down by alot). Try licking your lips every now and then and see if it works.
    i dont think it dries out your lips. Maybe you just naturally have dry lips. I've been using chapstick for years, but it's not like horrible when i don't use it
    i know its bad if u use it that often

    u should try not using it for three days and then go back to lip balm. do that at least twice a month.

    trust me, im a doctor
    yes its true..but only with synthetic ones. you become dependant on them (especially lip balms with mineral oil in it) and it inhibits your body's own moisturizing ablities. so use a natural oil like coconut oil or beeswax or shea butter
    lips dont produce oil. Rub you lips with extra virgin olive oil. they will be so soft

    Can you use lip gloss as chapstick?

    No,you can't.This is because most lip glosses are not medicated.

    You should try Blistex's Lip Infusion.It's a roll on gloss-type that will work like Blistex,yet shine like gloss.鈥?/a>Can you use lip gloss as chapstick?
    no, the 2 things r completly different. plus if u try to wear lipgloss a lot in the summer it actually makes ur lips drier and look nastyCan you use lip gloss as chapstick?
    Unless it has medicinal benefits, no.
    not rly

    they make your lips look moisturizd but indeed theyre not doing anything for your lips

    The Perfect Lip balm/ Chapstick?

    Every day I wake up, the second I smile... my lips go crackkk. And i'm stuck with split lips for the day.

    I'm a self confessed lip balm addict. I've tried all the regular balms such as, chapstick, blistex, carmex, burts bees, softlips etc.

    But none of them are quite right, i'm looking for something with the texture of burts bees, but not the annoying tinglyness.

    Has anyone tried Burts Bees Honey Lipbalm? Is that still as tingly? Is it worth a go?

    Any suggestions appreciated!The Perfect Lip balm/ Chapstick?
    Eight Hour Creme by Elizabeth Arden - apply a thick layer on your lips before you go to sleep - it works wonders!The Perfect Lip balm/ Chapstick?
    I don't like the lip balms with menthol. I prefer ';Lizard Lips'; - beeswax and cocoa butter are the main ingredients, and it even tastes pretty good :)
    use vasaline protroleum jelly .. that works better and it can be unscented and flavorless
    Burt's Bees is awesome!!

    so is Carmex
    The lip balm i like the best i haven't been able to find in a long long time it was called Lip Flavors it was by Sweet Breath. If you can find it let me know. Lately I found Lip Vitamins lip balm i got it at Walmart it was on one of the end of the isles. Anything with bees wax is usually great.

    Drink alot of water but give it a few days if you drink alot of water one day it isn't going to show in your lips and skin for a few days.

    Also in the winter houses tend to get very dry and can have a major effect on your skin and lips. Get a humidifier and run it at night in your bedroom.

    Lip Balm and chapstick are only a temporary fix, being well hydrated will fix the root of the problem.

    I hope this helps
    Nivea makes a lip balm now. It doesn't tingle and I find that it works just as well as something like Blistex Lip Medex.

    Also try vaseline... a ton of people I know recommend that over anything else.
    I don't like Burts Bees still, it smells weird and yup it does tingle!!

    I like any lip balm from Bath and Body Works. There is a really good one called ';Einstein Lip Theory';, i really recomend it and it costs around $3.50.

    Another one I like from B+BW is from their Spa range, and it is Shea butter. It costs around $4.00 and its superb.

    I hope this solves your problem. If it gets bad, go to the Pharmacy at CVS, and they will rec. something
    You cant go wrong with Vaseline, its cheap and works wonders for your lips, you can also use it at night on your eyelashes (a bit) it keeps them conditioned.
    You should try exfoliating your lips with a soft-bristle toothbrush or damp washcloth before applying lipbalm.

    My favorite lipgbalms are Philosphy Kiss Me and Smith's Rosebud Salve but I don't think those are really the texture you're looking for!
    Petroleum jelly works really well. And if you have a little extra to spend a product from the Signature A Club on the Home Shopping Network works really really well for me. It's called Full, Fuller, Fullest single dose lip plumpers. It is to be applied especially at night. It doesn't plump as much as it just feels wonderful. I really love it!
    I have to agree w/several other people who've answered this question...vaseline petroleum jelly before bed works really well. I also like Burt's Bees and Rosebud Salve but although they're more appealing, Vaseline seems to work better. Plus, it's dirt cheap!
    I use medicated Blistex it works well for me....I've heard of people putting on Vicks Vapor Rub on extremely cracked lips as well.....The object is to apply it several times a day and right before you go to bed.....If these suggestions don't work, you might want to see a Doctor.
    burts bees lipbalm is good also u can prepare that in home itself.

    Apply butter to ur lips, u will get soft and glow lips forever
    Mary Kay Satin Lips
    The Mary Kay Satin Lips set will take care of the problem! You just use the Lip Mask two or three times a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells off your lips and then use the Lip Balm for sure after using the Lip Mask, and then as much as needed.
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